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Undoubtedly skills and talents are important, but sincerity and integrity can outsmart them. Always have that good heart within you.



To be a business that provides quality products & services and establishes a strong relationship with other businesses and clients as well. GoodHeartVA will do its best to provide all necessary undertakings guided by our core values.

GoodHeartVA is a solo business entity founded and owned by Symon Enriquez. Symon is known to be a Filipino Licensed Civil Engineer who graduated from one of the state universities in the Philippines, Technological University of the Philippines - Manila Campus, way back in 2017.

He is a Canva Graphics Designer, Content Creator, and Virtual Assistant.

He has streamlined GoodHeartVA as a freelancing business providing digital products, admin VA services, and the main course of his business, which is creating graphic designs all out from Canva.

He has helped coaches, personal brands, and even agencies to scale up their businesses by providing strategies and recommendations that would solve their business needs. He is also committed to all the dealings with his clients, to loosen up their monotonous tasks at hand using his strong VA & Canva skills.

He has coached an agency showcasing his learnings in Canva. He was dubbed as the Canva Warrior. He was also reached out by one of the known media companies in Los Angeles because of the value he provides in his social media accounts. Due to his consistent value-driven posts, he has gained a lot of followers across his social media platforms and he continues to rise as he opened his first-ever digital store.

One thing he learned from his freelancing journey is that "What for you is for you. Don't rely too much on what you see in other's success stories. Instead, build your own, follow where your heart leads you. Trust the process, take things slowly, cause SUCCESS comes from well-planned actions."

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